What are remanufactured mattresses?

Answer A remanufactured mattress is a used mattress that has been stripped and remade using the frame and new materials.StrippingReputable mattress remanufacturers strip and dispose of the covering, batti... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Cotton Mattresses, Wool Mattresses and Latex Mattresses?

When choosing a mattress you should keep various deciding factors in mind including comfort, price, size and material. Each type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages, meaning a sing... Read More »

Are memory foam mattresses really better than traditional mattresses?

Honestly, it is all up to personal taste. As others have stated, they do tend to trap in body heat. Also, if you do not have a waterproof mattress pad they will soak up moisture like a sponge, whic... Read More »

Are Daybed Mattresses the Same as Twin Mattresses?

Daybeds are small-size bed frames that provide one or two sleeping surfaces, depending upon the design, and are made for use during the day as a sitting area similar to a couch. They are ideal for ... Read More »

What is a remanufactured ink cartridge?

Remanufactured ink cartridges are used in printers. They are an alternative to buying new cartridges, refilling old ones or using a cartridge-refilling service.ProcessEmpty printer cartridges are c... Read More »