What are regulation on having handicap door handles in a school?

Answer Hormones are biochemicals the body produces that regulate everything from mood, to physical growth spurts to preparing for flight or fight responses. If you have too much of a hormone your body mi... Read More »

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DIY Door Handles?

Door handles are pretty much the same for most vehicles. The biggest difference is the way the inside handle is attached to either the door or the door panel. All use a rod from the door handle to... Read More »

How to Install Car Door Handles?

Sometimes a car door handle needs to be replaced, but taking it to a mechanic can cost you big bucks. Why not save the time and money by doing it yourself? It's fun and not too difficult, either.

How to Install Door Handles on a '92 S-10?

The Chevrolet S-10 1992 model is a part of the first generation of Chevrolet S-10 pickup models made from 1982 to 1993. Pickups made within these years have the same door panel and door handle remo... Read More »

How to Replace GM Door Handles?

The interior door handles of your GM vehicle are designed with molded vinyl to match the color and styling of the cars interior. Missing or broken handles can take away from the look of the vehicle... Read More »