What are reasons to buy a bikini over a regular swim suit?

Answer I'm hoping you're old enough to not look ridiculous in a bikini... haha :)The best reasons I can think of are that, when at the beach tanning and stuff, your back and tummy will also get tanned; an... Read More »

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What makes a swim suit fade in salt water pool?

It is most likely the chlorine in the pool that fades colours of textiles. Perhaps the amount of chlorine being produced by the saltwater chlorinator is too high. If this is the case adjusting it d... Read More »

What do you think of this swim suit guys and girls answers please!!?

1. black2.its cute. might be a little small for your chest if you say you are bigger on top.3. cute! bout for 38 bucks? ehh4. Black, but you know i saw something that looked exactly the same at old... Read More »

Ok... now which swim suit?

How do you determine your swim suit size?

well swim suits are always supposed to be tight but not too tight unless its a race suit but really you can ask to try them on so pick a size and see how it fits