What are pro's and cons of Condominium Associations vs Zero Lot Line Orgs?

Answer As best I can understand it, a zero lot line organization assigns ownership and responsibility for upkeep and maintenance to areas of property where housing exists. The extent of the lot, which may... Read More »

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What are the pros and cons of a condominium association filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?

From the association's viewpoint, a positive aspect is that this filing presents a position to all creditors that the association is working through its cash flow/ debt issues, so that payments can... Read More »

How many condominium associations are in the USA?

According to Community Associations Institute, the latest number available, for 2009, indicates that there are 60.1 million residents in 24.4 million housing units located in 305 association-govern... Read More »

What are pitfalls of Condominium Associations?

All condominium associations are led by boards of directors, because the association is a corporation.Some board members -- and too many owners -- fail to read the governing documents established t... Read More »

Who regulates Maryland condominium associations?

Generally located in a jointly owned apartment building, a condominium is individually owned and participates in the maintenance of the building as a whole. Condominium associations in Maryland are... Read More »