What are pro forma disclosures?

Answer Pro forma is a Latin term meaning "for the sake of form." In the investing world, in which the term is most commonly used, it is used to describe a projection of past, present and future financial ... Read More »

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What Are the Common Disclosures for Stockholders' Equity?

Disclosures refer to information that businesses must reveal to their shareholders regarding the company and its stock. Specifically, according to basic accounting principles, businesses must discl... Read More »

Does the broker or lender prepare early disclosures?

Whomever receives the initial loan application from the borrower prepares the early disclosures. The law falls under Regulation Z, or the Truth-In-Lending Act. If the mortgage broker takes the init... Read More »

When using and disclosing sensitive information what needs to be done to minimize incidental disclosures?

Not discussing others' personal information in public places; Protecting computer screens from public view; and Observing the Minimum Necessary Standard

Federal Mortgage Disclosures That Require the Consumer's Signature?

Closing a mortgage loan is a complicated process. During the closing, you'll sign several important mortgage disclosures. Those documents offer protection to both you and the company providing you... Read More »