What are pro forma disclosures?

Answer Pro forma is a Latin term meaning "for the sake of form." In the investing world, in which the term is most commonly used, it is used to describe a projection of past, present and future financial ... Read More »

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What Are the Common Disclosures for Stockholders' Equity?

Disclosures refer to information that businesses must reveal to their shareholders regarding the company and its stock. Specifically, according to basic accounting principles, businesses must discl... Read More »

What are pro forma reports?

The term pro forma comes from Latin meaning “as a matter of form.” A pro forma report may have hypothetical data or assumptions, such as including data from a recent acquisition in a financial ... Read More »

What is a pro forma session?

A pro forma session of Congress is a protocol used by both the House of Representatives and the Senate to satisfy obligations regarding the number of meetings each house must hold before going into... Read More »

What is a pro forma agreement?

A pro forma agreement is an arrangement that is not binding, but helps carry out some future action by describing the intended actions of both sides. For example, a volunteer may sign a pro forma a... Read More »