What to eat with pretzels?

Answer Tomato sauce or some chutney or relishDune

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What is the origin of chocolate dipped pretzels?

Chocolate covered pretzels are believed to have originated in Hamburg, Germany in 1544 by Herr Franz Liebniz who ran a pretzel bakery that had been located close to a chocolate shop.References:Choc... Read More »

Are pretzels healthy to eat?

On One Hand: Minimal Nutritional ValueA November 2007 MSNBC report revealed that pretzels contain virtually no nutritional value. The lack of vitamins and nutrients coupled with a high sodium conte... Read More »

Are pretzels healthy for you?

On One Hand: Nutritionally EmptyOn the surface, pretzels seem like a healthy snack. Pretzels only have one gram of fat per serving, compared with the 10 grams in a serving of potato chips, accordi... Read More »

How to Form Pretzels?

According to The Kitchen Project, pretzels had their origins as early as 610 AD when monks in France or Italy would create these shaped bread treats to give to young boys who sat quietly through th... Read More »