OMG!! People eat PRAWNS! What the hell?

Answer Yes, many people eat prawns. The reason many people eat prawns is because the taste delicious, especially when served cold with a spicy cocktail sauce!This is one of the wonderful luxuries of livi... Read More »

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What do you like with your prawns?

Shrimp cocktail sauce... MMMMMMMMM SHRIMP COCKTAILS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…Save the covered bridges!!!

What can I add to spaghetti and prawns to make it sound more exciting?

You can add fresh tomatoes,chilli pepper,cloves,garlic,olive oil and sprinkle some chopped parsley and it will be yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How to Catch Prawns?

Prawns are a small crustacean species similar to small lobsters. This aquatic creature is popular for cooking and for using as bait to catch larger fish. Prawns are relatively easy to catch using a... Read More »

How to Prepare and Cook Prawns?

Despite a few anatomical differences, prawn are virtually interchangeable with shrimp in any recipe. The small differences between what most call a shrimp and a prawn is the small pincer claws and ... Read More »