What are pranks to play on your older brother?

Answer You can plan whatever prank on your brother that you would want your brother to play on you. If you give it, be prepared to take it. you can take his shampoo and put your body spray and your shampo... Read More »

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What kind of pranks can you pull on your mean brother?

Whats a good prank to play on my 14 year old older brother?

Tell his friends that he's had loads of wet dreams recently and talks in his sleep about someone in his year at school

How to Play Pranks on Your Teachers?

Have you ever wanted to get your own back on that really annoying teacher who always seems to pick on you? Well now you can and get away with it, just read on!!

Your older brother punched your crush what do you do?

wow that sounds messed up! Perhaps you should ask him why because there could be a valid reason, but if there isn't a valid reason I'd have a talk about that with him because I'm sure he's trying t... Read More »