What are power lines made of?

Answer Power lines need to be made of metals that are good conductors. Metals are usually combined within power lines, so they're not made of just one type. An aluminum alloy is often used, as is a combin... Read More »

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What material are power lines made of?

Power lines are mostly made out of good metal conductors such as a combination of aluminum and steel. The aluminum carries electricity from place to place while the steel keeps the lines sturdy.Ref... Read More »

What are the dangers of power lines?

Power lines are large strands of wires that are attached to poles. These lines bring electricity to houses and other buildings. Because of the amount of electricity in them, they can be very danger... Read More »

What do shoes on power lines mean?

The sight of shoes on power lines likely has no definitive meaning, according to myth-busting website Snopes. Common explanations include visibility for airplanes, the presence of a drug dealer or ... Read More »

What is the typical voltage for power lines?

According to the Department of Energy, the voltage of power lines is typically between 138,000 volts or 138 kV (“kilovolts”) and 768 kV. The voltage is “stepped down” to 29kV and 69kV for p... Read More »