What are portable oxygen concentrators?

Answer Portable oxygen concentrators are devices that supply patients with much higher concentrations of oxygen than are found in ambient air. They can be plugged into wall outlets or into DC outlets in a... Read More »

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Will the Veterans Administration provide portable oxygen concentrators?

In most cases, the Veteran's Administration does aid members in the purchase of portable oxygen concentrators. The handbook states clearly that the VA has specific procedures for providing benefici... Read More »

Instructions for Portable Oxygen?

Portable oxygen helps patients with a need for oxygen therapy keep their independence. Oxygen is given to the patient through a tube, called a nasal cannula, that is inserted into the nose. The pat... Read More »

What is the smallest portable oxygen system?

Lung or heart patients need oxygen constantly, pilots use oxygen for high altitudes in unpressurized aircraft and athletes need a boost for quick recovery. The smallest systems for one need might n... Read More »

OSHA Standards for the Storage of Portable Oxygen Cylinders?

Oxygen cylinders can be found on nearly any construction site, but they are also used by small businesses and homeowners. Oxygen cylinders are most commonly used with metal welding and cutting tool... Read More »