What are coffee grinds?

Answer You're kidding, right?

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What grinds your gears in the baby name section?

Ah, great question!1. The most cliche question in babynames. "Does anyone know of any unique baby names?" Lord, if I had a dollar for everytime one of those types of questions got asked, Oprah woul... Read More »

How to Choose Coffee Grinds?

Coffee grinds come in fine and coarse. Which do you choose for the best coffee? The fineness depends on the style of brewing that you intend to use and the intensity of coffee sought. Another impor... Read More »

How many grinds of a pepper grinder is 1 tsp.?

Though it depends on the pepper mill and the person doing the grinding, on average, it takes about 160 turns of the grinder to produce enough of the spice to fill 1 tsp.References:Writer's Own Calc... Read More »

How to Practice Skateboard Grinds in Winter?

Winter is a tough time for skateboarding -- it's cold, icy, and many of the places you'd usually board in are covered with snow. But if you still want to practice your grinds, here's how to do it.