What are pool balls made from?

Answer Pool and billiard balls are made from an artificial substance called phenolic resin, according to Saluc, a manufacturer of 80% of the world's pool balls in 2010. Pool balls were originally made fr... Read More »

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How many pool balls are there?

A billiard set has 16 balls. This includes 15 numbered balls and one cue ball. The cue ball is solid white, one through seven are solid colors, eight is solid black, and nine through 15 are white w... Read More »

How many balls can fit in a pool rack?

A typical rack of balls for a game of eight-ball pool holds the full complement of 15 object balls, with seven solid-colored balls, seven striped balls and the eight-ball. Smaller racks for nine-ba... Read More »

How many balls are on a pool table?

The number of balls on a pool table depends on which game you're playing. Snooker requires 22 balls, while eight-ball requires 16 (or 15 balls, plus the cue ball). Nine-ball needs 10 balls on the t... Read More »

How to Set Up the Balls on Bumper Pool?

Bumper pool is not just regular pool with different rules. It takes an entirely different table to play on, with obstacles set up on the table that make it harder to hit the balls into the cup. It ... Read More »