What are points Do they cost money?

Answer They do not cost money ...this is just answer the questions and get 2 points...but you can only answer so many questions then yahoo will cut you off from answering anymore.

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What should i buy with my my money Easy Ten Points?

I would save it untill i needed some thing.

How much does 500 Wii Points cost?

One Wii Point is worth 1 U.S. cent, so 500 Wii Points is $5. Wii Points have no monetary value and are used to purchase downloadable games onto the Nintendo Wii. Points are available for purchase t... Read More »

How much do Wii points cost?

Players can use Wii points to purchase Virtual Console and WiiWare games on their Nintendo Wii consoles. The points are purchased at a rate of 80 points per dollar from Nintendo, so a 2,000 Wii poi... Read More »

10 points! How can I make money fast?

Find stuff that people are looking for on Craig's list and sell it to them for a premium. Make sure you get a good price for the item. Ask your church or community organizations. You sound like a g... Read More »