What are the treatments for low platelets in infants?

Answer Thrombocytopenia is a medical condition in which the blood contains a significantly low number of platelets. After determining the cause of a low platelet count in infants, thrombocytopenia treatme... Read More »

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What does low platelets mean?

Platelets are microscopic disc-shaped cells that help blood clot. They only live for about 10 days, and are found in blood flowing through veins and arteries. They also line the insides of the bloo... Read More »

What do low blood platelets indicate?

A low blood platelet count, known as thrombocytopenia, prevents blood from clotting normally. This can be an indication of serious medical conditions.SignificanceThe three main reasons for a low bl... Read More »

What does infiltration mean when you are donating platelets?

Intravenous infiltration can occur when donating blood or blood platelets. This means that the needle has become dislodged from the vein. Infiltration is fairly common, and while it may cause disco... Read More »

What is the reason if child age of 3.2 years has low platelets counts as 78000 per and Hemoglobin as low as 3.9 gms per 100 ml?

The child requires thorough evaluation and needs to be examined by a pediatrician.