What are places you could put cum.?

Answer You can have sex normally when you are pregnant. If it's a high risk pregnancy you can do oral or use hands unless she's not allowed to have orgasms either.

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What are some places that could print transparency paper from?

You can use a deskjet to print your T-shirt transparencies. If you want to go commercial, you will need to learn how to do silk-screens.If you want to print online, here is Read More »

I have two Dahlias in different places but neither will bloom, what could I be doing wrong?

Dahlias start budding in July and bloom in August. They should start blooming in a few weeks.

I have a coat with places to put headphones in the hood What headphones could i put here to get maximum sound?

Yes, you should try to wear earphones or noise-isolating headphones whilst drumming to protect your ears.

Where are some places a middle schooler could post her stories?

How old are you? Some sites have age limits.If it's fanfiction and you are fourteen, try - far and away the biggest site out there.Or there's a new site called fan nation which also ... Read More »