What are places that grow trees to cut them down and sell them called?

Answer Tree farms

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Do orange trees grow in damp places?

Orange trees prefer well-drained, loamy soils and subtropical conditions. It can grow in less than ideal situations such as poorly drained sites, but the conditions will affect tree growth as well ... Read More »

How to Grow Poplar Trees to Sell?

Closely related to cottonwoods and willows, hybrid poplars are among the fastest-growing trees on the North American continent---well suited to commercial growing for bioenergy production, paper, p... Read More »

Are crepe myrtle trees ever called weeping trees?

There are a number of different types of crepe myrtle trees, include miniature weeping crepe myrtles. The miniature weeping versions of the tree can yield red, watermelon, light pink and purple flo... Read More »

In which soil do rice trees and plum trees grow?

The rice plant, which is not a tree but actually a grass, grows best in soil that is tilled and sprinkled with fertilizer such as manure. Plum trees, on the other hand, require soil that is well dr... Read More »