What are pips in Forex?

Answer In foreign currency exchange (Forex) one currency is paired with another. The price of the paired currency is measured as a unit with four decimal places. The fourth decimal place is the smallest p... Read More »

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Explanation of FOREX Pips?

Forex, or foreign currency exchange, trading is widely practiced by banks and corporations. It is also popular with individuals who trade for their own profit. Like any specialized pursuit, forex h... Read More »

Please guides me about forex and forex money?

You can learn the basics by visiting blogs like or read free ebook s like you can use a free demo account on any broker which will allow you to test the wat... Read More »

What does pips stand for in backgammon?

In backgammon, a pip has two meanings. First, it is a unit of distance between the spaces or points on the board where a game piece can sit. As in other dice games, a pip also means a spot on the f... Read More »

How to Explain PIPs?

A PIP refers to a percentage in point and is a term used in the foreign exchange market (FOREX). A PIP is a measurement used to represent the changes in price. When a currency is traded, if it is n... Read More »