What are phantom stock plans?

Answer "Phantom stock" plans allows a company to reward key employees without actually distributing shares of company stock. Phantom stock is a great way to compensate key employees without making them sh... Read More »

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Definition of Employee Stock Ownership Plans?

Many companies have employee stock ownership plans because these particular retirement vehicles are quite popular. These programs help to motivate employees and get them invested in the company's p... Read More »

Which Banks Act As Transfer Agents for Direct Stock Purchase Plans?

Two large banks, BNY Mellon and Wells Fargo, remain transfer agents for direct stock purchase plans. Many banks dropped their role as transfer agents over the past decade, leaving much of the busin... Read More »

Did stock markets react negatively because of Obama's plans to curb the activities of big banks?

I am sure it did, but the bankers must be forced to take responsibility.Despite the buy outs, many of them continued paying their Executives high salaries as well as outrageous bonuses. And , what ... Read More »

Who played the Phantom in the movie"Phantom of the Opera"?

"The Phantom of the Opera" has made it to film on numerous occasions. Arguably the most famous actor to have played the Phantom is Lon Chaney Sr., who made the role famous in 1925. The Phantom has ... Read More »