What are peoples views on redlobster?

Answer I love redlobster, I work for their sister restaurant Olive Garden. As long as you are nice and pleasant,offer refills and don't try to hard you will get a good tip. Sometimes this doesn't work bec... Read More »

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Do youtube views only count to youtube accounts or does it count to anyone that views the video?

1 count per IP address. YouTube counts sucks big time. There are sites in existence that allow you to spend money to get views. This is what makes the view count pathetic on YouTube. I do not e... Read More »

How to Eat Like Plain Peoples?

Adherents to the Amish and Mennonite traditions are often referred to as "Plain People" because of their simple lifestyle and dress. The Amish diet is not low-carb or low-fat. It resembles the pre-... Read More »

I cant look into peoples eyes?

It sounds like you have self confident issues. Maybe with the way you look and how people perceive you. I can understand that it must be very awkward and hard for you, but when talking to someone a... Read More »

Is coffee bad for peoples health ?

Yes drinking to much coffee can be bad for peoples health.