What is money called in spain?

Answer The Spanish word for money is "dinero." Prior to 2002, the currency of Spain was the peseta; however, Spain, a member of the European Union, officially switched to the Euro on Jan. 1, 2002.Source:T... Read More »

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What is the money in Spain called?

The country of Spain uses the euro (EUR), which is the currency used in 12 countries in Europe. Before the Euro was implemented in 2002, the Spanish currency was the peseta (ESP).Source:Greenwhich ... Read More »

What is Spain's money called?

In 2002 Spain adopted the euro as its official currency. This includes both coins and paper money (banknotes). There are seven denominations of each. Coins range in value from one cent to two euros... Read More »

How many people watch TV in Spain?

The number of television viewers in the country of Spain is about 29.2 million with the population of the country at 39.4 million. There is one satellite company in the country and five cable ope... Read More »

Why do people eat churros in spain?

On One Hand: A Simple Spanish CreationChurros were an invention of necessity in Spain. Shepherds---working for long periods of time in the foothills---wanted something substantial to eat in the mor... Read More »