What are people called from Texas?

Answer TEXANS. :Dproud to be a texan

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What's it called where people give massages to people suffering from pain, like muscle damage and stuff?

It's called Massage Therapy. It can be done in clinical, therapeutic or spa environments.

What is the wind farm in Sweetwater, Texas, called?

The wind farm in Sweetwater, Texas, is called the Sweetwater wind project, or Sweetwater 4 (which refers to the phase of the project). The wind farm consists of a combination of Mitsubishi and Siem... Read More »

If the Texas National Guard is called to active duty a back up organization is the?

Texas State Guard. Some states have their own locally raised militias, which are not federally recognised, and serve as an auxiliary to the National Guard in their state-oriented mission. Most stat... Read More »

About Famous People in Texas?

What do Mathew McConaughey, Lance Armstrong and Usher all have in common (besides hot looks and sexy abs)? And where do Renee Zellweger, Beyonce and George W. Bush hang out when they take time off?... Read More »