What does the phrase 'Need people and entourage on sidewalk in both streets should be mixture of professionals and people that you selected for half street people' mean or illustrate?

Answer People are humans. God made us.

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What is Lincolnreferring to then he says of the people by the people for the people?

Abraham Lincolm meant that he wanted everone to have equal rights becuse that was near the time of the constitution

What subjects do people need to look after special needs people?

That's a tricky one. There's a thin line between protecting others and being accused of abuse yourself. I am a complying parent, because I know better than anyone that my special needs son can be v... Read More »

Do you think people need to stop hating on what kind of music people like?

Date he interviewed people asked what they thought of Conan O'Brien he was in disguise so the people did not recognized him?