What are penny shares?

Answer The definition of a penny stock has been changed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from a stock that trades less than $1 to a stock that trades less than $5.Why $5?Even though a stock... Read More »

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Authorized Shares Vs. Issued Shares?

When forming a corporation, its charter must specify the maximum number of shares it is authorized to issue, although the company does not have to issue all the shares at once. It usually issues en... Read More »

What is retirement of shares?

The retirement of shares refers to a process wherein corporations buy back their outstanding stock. Stock buybacks reduce the number of shares outstanding and increase the amount of earnings availa... Read More »

What is a"shares market"?

A "shares market," also called a stock market, is a public market where (an electronic market not an entity) company stocks (private and public) and derivatives are exchanged or traded at an agreed... Read More »

What is the meaning of preference shares?

Companies issue two types of shares to represent ownership in the company: common shares and preferred shares. Preferred shares do not entail for its bearers voting rights in the company. Preferenc... Read More »