Where are Ticonderoga pencils made?

Answer Ticonderoga pencils are made in several parts of the world. The company behind the No. 2 pencils, Dixon Ticonderoga, has joint manufacturing and distribution facilities in Italy, France, Mexico and... Read More »

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What are lead pencils really made of?

Pencils are not made of lead, but of a mixture of clay and graphite, crushed into a powder. The materials are pressed through a tool to make a cylinder shape. This cylinder is inserted between two ... Read More »

How are lead pencils made?

Though they are called lead pencils, the core of a pencil is made of graphite, a naturally occurring, non-toxic carbon. The other main component of the pencil is wood.HistoryAncient people discover... Read More »

When were colored pencils first made?

The artist's colored pencils that are so commonly used today contain hardened wax mixed with a color pigment. These items were first sold in sets of 60 different colors, beginning in 1924 in German... Read More »

What Are Map Pencils?

An often misleading request on supply lists, the phrase map pencils has become daunting to parents during back-to-school season. What most parents don't realize is that the phrase is just another t... Read More »