What are pen erasers made of?

Answer Erasers are usually made from synthetic rubber, but some contain vinyl or plastic. Modern ink-specific erasers contain sulfite or hydroxide ions, which bind to the carbon atoms of the ink and make ... Read More »

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What Are Erasers Made Out Of?

Erasers are small, rubbery objects that are designed to remove graphite marks from paper. The first eraser was called "caoutchouc" and was invented in 1735 by a French scientist named Charles de la... Read More »

How are erasers made?

The earliest erasers were made from white bread crumbs and wax tablets. Over the years, the eraser developed into the tool we use today, which is formed out of synthetic rubber. The rubber is force... Read More »

What Makes Erasers Erase?

Erasers were originally called rubbers, not because they were made from the product of a rubber tree, but because they rubbed away marks made on paper. Today, the standard eraser and pencil combina... Read More »

What is in Mr. Clean Magic Erasers?

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are disposable, white foam sponges for cleaning various surfaces like tile, floors, walls, cabinets and more. Magic Erasers also come in a special version for cleaning wheel... Read More »