What are parenting styles?

Answer simply by the parent doing something screwed up while pregnant. or it was just gods will.

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Interpersonal Relationships & Parenting Styles?

Parent-child relationships can be the most challenging and the most rewarding of your relationships. People often know their family members better than anyone else, and they have intense emotional ... Read More »

Parenting styles.. am I the only one.. (VERY LONG)?

AMEN!!!! I ABSOLUTLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!My son is 4 months old, and after he turned 2 long as I knew he was safe and his nessasary needs were met, if I'm in the middle of something..... Read More »

The Effects of Baumrind's 4 Parenting Styles on Children?

Developmental psychologist Diana Baumrind made a name for herself in the 1960s with her child care research study. This study allowed her to determine three distinct parenting styles and how these ... Read More »

Importance of Valuing & Respecting Parenting Styles?

Sharing your advice and wisdom with other parents can be very beneficial, but some parents may not appreciate your knowledge. While it can be difficult, sometimes it is better to take a deep breath... Read More »