What are pampers made out of?

Answer Pampers Cruisers contain ingredients: petrolatum, stearyl alcohol, aloe barbadensis leaf extract.

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What are Pampers diapers made of?

Pampers are made with the patented fabric called Drimax. Drimax is made of a combination of absorbent cotton and pulp fibers. Inside the diaper is a core that stores the liquid. This core is filled... Read More »

How much do pampers cost?

Wipes usually cost about five dollars, the actual diapers depending on what you get, and where you get it, it can range from twelve to fifty dollars. Fifty dollars worth are usually like super load... Read More »

What Are Pampers Rewards?

Diapering a baby will have an definite impact your weekly household budget. You can reduce the hit to your pocketbook by taking advantage of manufacturer rewards programs such as the Pamper Gifts t... Read More »

Is there a pampers size 8?

According to wikipedia the biggest size they go up to is 7.