What are otic migraines?

Answer Intense migraine headaches can cause difficulty in day-to-day life. These painful headaches vary by symptoms, cause and the area of the brain they affect. Otic migraines are one type of migraines.O... Read More »

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What do YOU do for your migraines?

I was taught a relaxation technique for meditation that I found helped to relieve my headaches, in this technique you relax each part of the body, in your case just the head will do. Envision the t... Read More »

What are the dangers of migraines?

Migraine headaches often occur suddenly and cause symptoms that are impossible to ignore. Be aware of several dangers associated with migraine headaches so you can address them if a migraine strike... Read More »

What are optical migraines?

There are many kinds of migraines that can create extreme discomfort, and one is the optical or ocular migraine. These migraines can strike with little warning.Opitcal MigraineOptical migraines are... Read More »

What are atypical migraines?

Migraines, both typical and atypical, often cause extreme pain and a multitude of other symptoms. However, doctors use the term "atypical migraine" to identify any type of migraine that lacks one o... Read More »