What other words mean special?

Answer Unique, one-of-a-kind, one in a million, rare.

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What Are Some Words That Mean to Be Let Down or Disappointed?

When people say they are "disappointed" or "let down," they -- or someone they care about -- have usually failed to achieve their goals or expectations and they are depressed or sad. Other words ha... Read More »

Anyone know of other words that describe being "drunk"?

Intoxicatedunder the influencewreckedthree sheets to the windcrunksmashedpissedstupidwhacked****-housed******-upbombedfadedblitzedtankedtotaledtipsybuzzedblasted****-facedseeing doublesloshedbashed... Read More »

What are Swiss German slang words that mean "tough"?

Tough guy: knall I love Switzerland, very beautiful; by the way most Germans and Swiss speak English that I've met the 20+ times I've been there.

What are some words that mean the same thing as help?