Is it just me or do other people find their Doctors rude?

Answer I don't think mine is rude, just bloody arrogant, like, what are you wasting my time for, just take this prescription and leave

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What other words mean special?

Unique, one-of-a-kind, one in a million, rare.

What are other words with marine in them?

Do you find it rude that people never make eye contact with other passengers on the tube and train.?

Hiya hun,They've got no manners unfortunately. My experience on trains, buses etc has taught me to keep my head down as when I do smile at someone I normally get a total idiot sitting next to me wh... Read More »

What are the correct Songs & Words for JOE & CISN in Edmonton and other stations for Thursday September 3rd?

Typing in all 3 letters (A&B&C) all @ once, will give you points for most triviaHow stuff works is Hewlett-Packard Laboratories​ADB