Why are wooden speakers better then other ones?

Answer wood resonates with a nicer sound.. plastic buzzes.

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How safe is to experiment with LSD, since it is not as bad a drug as the other ones!?

LSD is a very dangerous drug and has caused many people to have psychotic episodes years later. I know someone who took it and has regular flashbacks which are very unpleasant. Why on earth do pe... Read More »

I was wondering would be easier to use Linux instead of the other OS ones?

I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 8 Main Edition which is built upon the outstanding Ubuntu 9.10 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with much of the software you are likely to need p... Read More »

Avatars. Can I have an avatar other than just the Yahoo ones?

just superimpose a pic of your gnarly snout onto one of the freebies (this does of course entail some editing) and BAM!!! hope this helps lol

Do you enjoy music/songs from decades other than the ones you grew up at :)?

Yes, some classical and some from my mother's adolescence. We had a couple of her old records around when I was young, and I learned to like Frank Sinatra and Mario Lanza and Bing Crosby.P.S. Oh,... Read More »