What are other names for sister?

Answer There aren't really any synonyms for "sister" but I've seen sister abbreviated as "sis".. hope that helps.

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What are other names for Restaurants?

A Restaurant can variously be called a Cafeteria, a Tea Rooms, an Eatery, a Mess, a Canteen ... and many other terms.

How to Make Nero Go Into Devil Trigger Mode in Devil May Cry 4?

This is how you use devil trigger mode in devil may cry 4

What other names did jesse james use?

Jessie Woodson James used the name J.D. Howard and Mr. Howard in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1875, and Thomas Howard while living in St. Joseph, Missouri. James was shot dead on April 3, 1882.Source:E... Read More »

What are the other names for orange roughy?

Orange roughy is a large deep-sea fish that is a popular seafood menu item in many restaurants. The fish is not always called an orange roughy though, as it has several other commonly used names.Sc... Read More »