What are oral contraceptives?

Answer Oral contraceptives are medications used to prevent pregnancy. These medications have different side effects and effectiveness rates associated with them.TypesThe progestin-only birth control pill,... Read More »

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Use of Oral Contraceptives in Treating Acne?

Females who suffer from acne may find relief by taking certain forms of oral contraceptives. How do these pills help to clear the skin? Does this Spark an idea?

Why oestrogen and progesterone are used in oral contraceptives?

They are the two main hormones regulating the menstrual cycle and fertility.

I have a question about estrogen and oral contraceptives :?

I like your question!Well, from my understanding, contraceptives don't necessarily inhibit ovulation. Rather they alter the menstruation cycle by changing the uterus lining or endometrium via a com... Read More »

How long does it take for oral contraceptives to become effective?

On One Hand: Within the First MonthAccording to WebMD, oral contraceptives should begin working during the first month you take them. They point out that many doctors recommend using backup contrac... Read More »