What are optic migraines?

Answer An optical migraine is a painless migraine that temporarily affects a person's ability to see. There is no known cause of optical migraines, but women are three times more likely to suffer from the... Read More »

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What does 7x15 optic mean?

Where are the optic orbitals of the eye?

The orbitals are a group of muscles that surround the eye and allow movement. Four out of the six orbital muscles enable the eye to move left to right and up and down. The other two orbital muscl... Read More »

Can TMJ cause swollen optic nerves?

TMJ can cause pain behind the eyes but it is NOT due to any swelling of the optic nerve but to referred pain from spastic muscles. Trigger points that develop in muscles will cause refer pain to di... Read More »

Can DSL run through fiber-optic cable?

A digital subscriber line (DSL) Internet connection cannot run through fiber-optic cable because it is not capable of converting its data from analog to digital, and then back to analog.References:... Read More »