What are occlusal blocks?

Answer Occlusal blocks are used to keep your bite open so that some of your teeth may erupt a little more. When your bite is open it gives your teeth room to do this. Good luck!

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Can braces even out a canted occlusal plane?

Answer While with traditional orthodontic treatment, canted occlusal planes can be problematic, the use of new mini-screws has changed this. Inserting a small mini-screw into the maxilla allows con... Read More »

Cons of Wearing an Occlusal Splint?

An occlusal splint is a mouth appliance that is used to stop bruxism, the act of grinding teeth together. The mouth guard also is used to protect dental work and treat jaw disorders. It is a remov... Read More »

How to Use Starting Blocks?

This is the absolute best way to set up and properly use athletics starting blocks.

Where can I get Styrofoam blocks?

You can get Styrofoam blocks from a number of different outlets. Online dealers, like Universal Foam Products and Dick Blick, offer a variety of Styrofoam blocks. You may also find the Styrofoam bl... Read More »