What are numbers that follow each other?

Answer consecutive

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How to Calculate the Numbers that Follow a Pattern?

Numbers in a sequence can be ordered to create a number pattern. Predicting the next term in a number pattern requires you to reduce the pattern to a rule. This rule, given in words or an equation,... Read More »

What is the word that marines say to each other?

We say a lot of things to each other so you'd have to be more specific. "Err" can be a greeting or a kind of acknowledgement. "Hoorah" is also used. "Errah" is another form of 'Hoorah'. We also say... Read More »

Do all motorcycle drivers wave to each other when they pass each other how about Jeep wrangler drivers?

I've been riding since about 1973, so I have been around the block a time or two. I have had all sorts of bikes including Hardly Ablesons.I think that when there were fewer bikes on the road it was... Read More »

Why some siblings after growing up become formal with each other like outsiders are formal to each other?

I believe this is because as people grow and mature they change. When you are not around while this is happening you often don't know how they are feeling or how they changed. This could happen bec... Read More »