What are normal results for a Bence Jones protein test?

Answer Bence Jones proteins normally are not present in the urine.

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What is the method of Bence Jones Protein in the urine test?

put 5ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid in a clear tube.carefully add 3ml of test urine to make a good interface without mixing the two.a white curdy precipitate at the interface indicates presen... Read More »

What are normal RF quantitative blood test results?

The RF, or rheumatoid factor, test is used to help diagnose rheumatoid arthritis. Normal levels of RF often indicate that a person does not have rheumatoid arthritis, while high levels may indicate... Read More »

Has anyone else had normal papsmear results after getting abnormal results in the past?

Congratulation, yes even after many abnormal Pap tests you can have a normal Pap. When the virus enters its latent state it is not seen in any test. Our Pap test looks for abnormal cell changes. ... Read More »

I had a pregnancy test at drz office about 7 months ago it came up posetive almost instantly so then he took a blood test str8 after got my results next day was a negative why?

you most likely had a miscarriage meaning your hgc levels(hormones that only come from being pregnant) were high enough to get a positive pregnancy test. however if you have a blood test done and t... Read More »