What are normal blood sugar levels?

Answer Anything above 120 and you might have a problem.

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How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Normal?

Testing and monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly lets you understand how your body reacts to various foods and activities. Knowing these information is crucial if you are going to work at k... Read More »

Is it normal for blood sugar levels to be high during times of stress or illness?

That's normal for a diabetic. Stress, lack of sleep, and illness can all affect blood sugar negatively. All you can really do is eat as few carbohydrates as you can manage, stay hydrated, keep moni... Read More »

Blood Sugar Control - How to Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels With Alcohol?

This is an interesting topic as many people who have gone for their fasting glucose test are determined to bring their blood sugar levels down. So here it goes, drinking alcoholic beverages can low... Read More »

My blood sugar levels were 2.4?

Hypoglycemia is abnormally low levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood.* Hypoglycemia can be caused by drugs taken to control diabetes, fasting, some severe diseases, reactions to carbohydrates, a t... Read More »