What are normal RF quantitative blood test results?

Answer The RF, or rheumatoid factor, test is used to help diagnose rheumatoid arthritis. Normal levels of RF often indicate that a person does not have rheumatoid arthritis, while high levels may indicate... Read More »

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What does it mean when your RP level is high in q quantitative blood test?

If the child has a fever more then 3 days you should seek a doctor. Children's dose of Tylenol is OK to give the child, but DO NOT give the child Aspirin - it is strongly indicated in Reye's Syndro... Read More »

Does donating blood affect blood test results?

On One Hand: Iron LevelBlood tests done after blood donation show partial depletion of red blood cells and iron. After donating blood, expect your iron level to drop about 250 mg, according to the ... Read More »

What are normal results for a Bence Jones protein test?

Bence Jones proteins normally are not present in the urine.

What is the meaning of glucose blood test results?

As part of your regular health exam, your doctor may order a blood sample to be drawn and tested for glucose (blood sugar) levels. You may be required to fast (not eat any food) for a period of tim... Read More »