Where is the Nittany Lion statue?

Answer The Nittany Lion statue was carved in 1941 by Heinz Warnecke for the Penn State Lion Shrine. It is located between the Recreation Building and Beaver Field at the University Park campus of Penn Sta... Read More »

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What is the dungeon called in Secondhand Lions?

The 2003 film "Secondhand Lions" refers to the "notorious Dungeon of 1387 Tortures." Garth, Michael Cain's character, tells Walter, Haley Joel Osment's character, of having conned a Sheikh out of a... Read More »

What are dungeons called in Secondhand Lions?

"The Dungeon of 1,387 Tortures" is part of a story told by Robert Duvall and Michael Caine to their nephew, played by Haley Joel Osment, in the film "Secondhand Lions." tortur... Read More »

What kind of animal eats lions?

Commonly referred to as the "kings of the jungle," adult lions have no natural predators in the wild. They are fierce, highly skilled killing machines. However, they do face a number of threats, es... Read More »

What is the dungeon called in"Secondhand Lions"?

The dungeon in the 2003 film "Secondhand Lions" is called the "Dungeon of 1,387 Tortures." The character Uncle Hub visits the dungeon when he tries to steal from a sheik.References:DMD: Secondhand ... Read More »