What age is to young for night terrors?

Answer Anencephaly means having "no brain", quite literally. It is a congenital (genetic) condition whereby most of the brain and spinal cord is missing from an infant, and what part of the brain is prese... Read More »

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How to Treat Night Terrors?

Scared to sleep at night? Terrified that someone is right behind you? Well after reading this you won't be!

Can night terrors return?

Were they caused from lack of sleep or natural disorder?, Is it a chronic case of Night terrors (pavor nocturnus)?, Did you take medication or were you treated with Psychotherapy to get over the di... Read More »

How to Cope With Night Terrors?

Scared of the dark? Is your house creaking? Live in a dangerous neighborhood? Here's how not to freak out every minute at the things that scare you at night!

I get night terrors when I take medicine?

Sounds like you have a sensitivity to the medication you've been taking.Try melatonin Up to 5 mg a couple of hours before bedtime.Use a quality olive leaf extract to help with your flu - it's a nat... Read More »