Why are natural resources important?

Answer These are imortant because they provide food and shelter for us to survive

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What can we do about tourist's use of natural resources?

Property owners Liability is the financial , legal liability attaches to property owners due to their property, where as tenants libility vice versa

What natural resources in a iphone?

Aluminum and the natural resources in plastic!!!!

Natural Resources of the Sahara Desert?

The largest desert in the world, the Sahara is a huge, natural resource-rich area of northern Africa. Covering a massive part of the continent and encompassing the recognized legal borders of many ... Read More »

List of Natural Resources in Washington, D.C.?

America's capitol city, Washington D.C., is a place of unparalleled scenic beauty, historic value and natural resources. Three bodies of water flow through and around the city, the Potomac River an... Read More »