What are natural beehives made of?

Answer Bees often make their hives in hollow trees or logs. Worker bees produce wax in their abdomens and use this wax to form the beehives, which are constructed of many six-sided cells. These cells may... Read More »

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How are beehives formed?

Honeybees live in large colonies separated by a caste system. Hives are the homes the bees create to produce food, mate, live and raise their young. Hives are found many places in nature and are al... Read More »

What is a collection of beehives called?

According to the Heart of Illinois Beekeeper's Association, an apiary is where one or more bee colonies or hives are kept. Setting one up requires a wind-protected area that mixes sunlight and shad... Read More »

How do bees make beehives?

Many bees build and live in colonies, often called beehives, where the social insects depend on one another for the colony's success. Honeybees and bumblebees construct their nests from wax. Solita... Read More »

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