What are nasal pillows?

Answer Nasal pillows, also called nose pillows, refer to tiny flexible pillows used with CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, therapy. CPAP therapy treats sleep apnea, a condition in which patien... Read More »

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Do feather pillows have more dust mites than foam pillows?

According to the Sierra Club, feather pillows do contain more dust mites than foam ones. In fact, feather pillows, also known as down pillows, harbor more dust mites than any other pillow type. Not... Read More »

What is nasal cannula?

A nasal cannula is a medical device used to delivery oxygen therapy to a patient. It's used in a hospital setting, and oxygen delivered by nasal cannula can also be prescribed for home use.Features... Read More »

How to Use Nasal Spray?

When using nasal spray, you need to ensure that you execute it correctly. If not initiated properly, you could irritate or damage the nostrils' delicate mucus membranes. Read the following list of ... Read More »

How to Use Nasal Snuff?

Snuff is a form of finely ground smokeless tobacco predominantly enjoyed by the English aristocracy of the 18th century. It is an arguably healthier alternative to smoking for the user, and undenia... Read More »