What are names of plants that grow in water?

Answer It is Biotic. Biotic is any living thing, or any product/waste of a living thing.

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What are the names of some plants that grow in the dark?

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Names of plants that grow without soil?

Some Mosses and liverworts can grow on moist rocks and on tree stems. Two broad groups of plants live on other plants with out the need of soil. Epithets are plants grow on a host, including some... Read More »

What is in water that makes plants grow?

Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. A plant gets hydrogen from water and carbon dioxide from the air. It uses both of these to create the sugar that gives it energy to grow.Source:Michigan State ... Read More »

What is water made of that helps plants grow?

Answer: H2O, hydrogen and oxygen. Photosynthesis in plants combines hydrogen from water with carbon from CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere to make carbohydrates, or simple sugars and starches.... Read More »