What are my rights if my landlord is filing bankruptcy?

Answer If you are a tenant and learn your landlord is filing for bankruptcy, your immediate reaction might be alarm. You need to keep in mind that you have certain rights that protect your interests in yo... Read More »

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Can Filing Bankruptcy Prevent a Creditor From Filing a Mechanic's Lien?

A significant benefit of a bankruptcy filing is the automatic stay. The automatic stay is a court injunction that automatically prevents the filing of any liens and lawsuits once the bankruptcy cas... Read More »

Tenant Rights Vs. Landlord Rights in North Carolina?

The home you rent should be a place of comfort, safety and privacy---not a battleground for disputes with your landlord. Understanding your responsibilities and rights as a tenant, and those of you... Read More »

What is filing for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy involves initiating a legal process that helps you eliminate or reduce your debt when you are no longer able to pay it. It is viewed as a last resort because it entails severa... Read More »

What is the procedure for filing bankruptcy?

Facing ever mounting and difficult to control debt, you may consider pursuing a bankruptcy. By filing bankruptcy, you obtain both immediate and long-term relief in regard to your debt. At the time ... Read More »