What are my rights during divorce?

Answer Divorce laws are different in each state, so it is important to talk to a lawyer to discuss your rights and responsibilities. By staying informed and seeking good legal advice, you can protect your... Read More »

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If a father signed over rights and now the stepdad and mother are getting a divorce can the father get his rights back?

Answer It depends on the courts. If you have been out of the picture re your child(ren) for more than 2 years, the courts may give full custody to the mother. However, if you can show you are mak... Read More »

Divorce Rights in the U.K.?

The process of getting a divorce in the United Kingdom is straightforward and simple. As a spouse in a broken marriage, you have as much right as your partner in matters concerning financial assets... Read More »

What are my rights in a divorce?

Divorce rights vary from state to state, and each divorce case is different. Typically a court wants the two spouses to come up with an agreement without mediation, meaning without the ruling of a ... Read More »

Divorce Rights in Texas?

Couples who want to file for a divorce in Texas will have to follow a specific set of rules and regulations in order for the divorce to be granted. The residents of the state will need to adhere t... Read More »