What are my rights during divorce?

Answer Divorce laws are different in each state, so it is important to talk to a lawyer to discuss your rights and responsibilities. By staying informed and seeking good legal advice, you can protect your... Read More »

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Illinois Cohabitation Rights During Divorce?

Cohabitation, both with one's own spouse, as well as with a new partner, can raise some issues in an Illinois divorce. Cohabitation can be an important factor in establishing grounds for divorce, a... Read More »

Wife Rights During Separation Before a Divorce?

As a woman heading toward a divorce you need to understand your rights. This includes your rights during separation before a divorce case actually commences. In the end, the only way you can protec... Read More »

If your wife moves to another state while you are trying to establish custody of the children during a divorce will she give up custody rights?

Answer Both parents need to be mature about this and realize the children have feelings as well. To the children you two are just "mom and dad." Many couples are angry, frustrated and sometimes ... Read More »

What are my rights in a divorce?

Divorce rights vary from state to state, and each divorce case is different. Typically a court wants the two spouses to come up with an agreement without mediation, meaning without the ruling of a ... Read More »