What are my options to completely block penis images on Wikipedia?

Answer Generally there are only sexually explicit pictures on articles about topics that deal with sexuality. On an article Penis, you will find an image of a penis. I don't know why you would want to rea... Read More »

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Do you think the man whose penis is shown on the Wikipedia article, "Penis" is embarassed ?

No, his face isn't showing so why would he be embarrassed?Don't know if I'd be embarrassed while the pics were taken..I don't have a penis.

How do I completely block pop-ups?

Click ToolsIn Internet Explorer, click "Tools," then "Pop-up Blocker." In Firefox, click "Tools," "Options," then select the "Content" tab.Set Level to HighIn Internet Explorer, click "Pop-up Block... Read More »

How can I upload images to Wikipedia?

yes u will need an account to upload image to wikipediaOpen an Account in WikipediaStep 1Go to the main page of Wikipedia, listed in Resources below. You can also key in Wikipedia in search engines... Read More »

Do I have to cite Wikipedia images?

Wikipedia is becoming more reliable. Some pages still have complete trash on them, but for larger and more-read topics, it's a trustworthy site now. Contrary to what people still claim, not everyon... Read More »