What are my options if my bankruptcy confirmation is denied?

Answer If your Chapter 13 bankruptcy confirmation is denied, you still have several options to pursue to increase your chances of a positive outcome at the next confirmation hearing.Amend PlanYou may amen... Read More »

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Can bankruptcy be denied?

Bankruptcy may be denied for a number of reasons. Some reasons include if the proper debtor education course is not completed, all required forms are not filed on time or payments are not made in a... Read More »

Alabama Bankruptcy Options?

Alabama allows its residents to pursue legal help with their debts through bankruptcy. Some consumers who can't pay their bills pursue Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy through an Alabama bankrupt... Read More »

Personal Bankruptcy Options in Michigan?

With few exceptions, those pursuing personal bankruptcy in Michigan file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 debt relief. Before declaring bankruptcy, you should review what options you have for per... Read More »

Options for People Who Claimed Bankruptcy & Are in Debt?

Filing for bankruptcy can be devastating. While it can relieve you of some, or even all, of your debts and help you begin anew with a clean financial slate, filing for bankruptcy can also haunt you... Read More »