What are my chances of getting my financial appeal approved?

Answer Sierra:If you have established a solid record of improved academics since that first college experience, you have a very good supporting case for an aid appeal. Your appeal should focus on your com... Read More »

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What are my chances of getting approved during the final review of student loan request?

Nearly 100%.I suspect you applied for a joint loan in your name, but based on your father as a cosigner. It might be your dad doing the whole loan himself, but this would be unusual as you by your... Read More »

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How to write an appeal letter for financial aid?

Your school will have its own published policies about financial aid appeals, so it's always a good idea to check there, first.Keep in mind that the US Department of Education, the federal agency t... Read More »

Is this a good Financial aid appeal?

Overall, it's not a bad letter. You briefly explain what happened, take responsibility for your mistakes, and explain what you will do differently in the future. You do have some grammar and punctu... Read More »